Investment Makeover

It is always beneficial to review where you are and if it is where you want to be. If you are affected by any of the list below you may well require an Investment Makeover.

  • Administration Nightmare – too many pieces of paper (valuations, statements, reports, dividend cheques, sales material) from different companies. Are you filing, hiding or throwing them away?
  • Forgotten your investment aim – What was it and is it still the same? Is it being met?
  • Your investment products – Have you realised performance has not been monitored? Are they still suited to your requirements?
  • Fresh Start – Would you welcome a fresh start, set out your current position and aims, and have advice that focuses on what you want to achieve?
  • Pensions – If you have not taken benefits, are you aware of your choices and their effects?
  • Current income insufficient or varies each year – Do you need to increase/stabilise it?
  • Tax Benefits – Are you fully aware of the tax benefits of ISAs and the tax advantage of receiving some dividends gross? Will your assets be passed on in the most tax efficient manner? Are you taking advantage of all the tax exemptions that you may be able to use?
  • Clearer Fee Structure – Do you know that commission for the purchase of investment products is paid out of your money or from the investments you have bought?

If you are confident your current arrangements are best suited to meet your current requirements – congratulations! However, if you are doubtful and would welcome independent advice, why not contact us in confidence to book a free no-obligation consultation?