“I was first introduced to James through his father, Maurice, to whom I had been introduced in turn through my parents. Like many other clients of Pigotts Investments, my parents and I had grown to trust Maurice Pigotts’ sound financial judgement and expertise resulting in continued healthy growth in all our investments. When Maurice Pigott retired, it was James who took over the helm of Pigotts Investments and it could not now be in a safer pair of hands. Over the past few years since I have come to know James, I have always been impressed by his own knowledge and expertise in the world of investments, stocks and shares. His advice is given in his own inimitable style and good humour and is always sound and reliable. I, therefore, have no qualms in recommending him to anyone who needs sound financial guidance, not just because I consider him to be a friend but also as an excellent advisor. He also knows a very good local pub that serves the most excellent lunches!”

AGMK from London
16/08/2012 - LineThemes

“I have just read through your latest Quarterly Market Update! Thank you for a most comprehensive and professional assessment of the situation. I have every confidence in your approach and judgement.”

NDC from Chichester
29/05/2012 - NDC from Chichester

“I have known James for a number of years and not only is he an expert in his field of portfolio management, he goes the extra mile to deliver superb service with cheer. The results of my portfolio have been very pleasing and I highly recommend him.”

MDA residing Switzerland
18/11/2010 - MDA residing Switzerland

“James Pigott has been absolutely brilliant and with all his hard work and financial savvy I am on my way to becoming financially secure. Thank you James!”

JAF of West Sussex
16/09/2010 - JAF of West Sussex

“My wife and I have been dealing with Maurice Pigott and family since 1970, initially with our first house purchase shortly before we were married. This house purchase involved endowments etc, and I can always remember telling Maurice that we could not afford to make these long term investments on our current measly salary levels.

He promptly replied “that we needed to make the investments now for the future”. He said it in such a manner that I did not dare argue! I decided to economise and visit the pub only once a week over the next few years!

How wise he was, and now forty years on and a number of subsequent property purchases both my wife and I have investments in The Chichester Account which have grown way beyond our expectations. These investments are now providing a very respectable income during our recent retirement.

We have recommend Pigotts to friends and colleagues knowing that they will be well looked after, as we have been over our working lives, from the beginning of our careers to retirement and for years to come.

With James now at the helm, and with Maurice looking over his shoulder with his experienced eye we are confident that our funds are secure and well invested.”

KMW from Devon
08/09/2010 - KMW from Devon

“For more than two decades, I have been a client of a family firm of Financial Advisors headed by Mr Maurice H. Pigott, and located at 2 St Martin’s Square, Chichester, West Sussex.

I have already recommended him to many of my friends and associates.

His firm is now known as Pigotts Investments Limited (Pigotts for short), and very importantly, it is completely independent. In my opinion, Mr Pigott’s knowledge and experience in the investment world is exceptional, and my various family portfolios could not be in safer hands.

Some years ago, Mr Pigott moved his investment trading, on behalf of all of his clients, to the wrap providers known as Transact, and once again it has proved to be an excellent move.

Pigotts has now been joined by Mr Pigott’s son James, and I am fully confident that the range and quality of the services that they provide will continue to excel.”

CVB of Chichester Area
03/06/2010 - CVB of Chichester Area